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daily activity database for public EOSIO chains

This service provides daily activity counters for every contract, action and user, for several public EOSIO blockchains: EOS, FIO, Proton, Telos, UX, and WAX.

The data is taken from EOSIO state history plugin, processed by Chronicle, and processed by the writer script.

The database schema consists of a set of tables for every chain, with blockchain name as a prefix:

Public access to the data is available for any MySQL/MariaDB client.


Host in Europe:


mysql --port=3301 \
  --user=eosio_activity_ro --password=eosio_activity_ro --database=eosio_activity

# top 30 contracts by number of executed actions on a specific day

select count(distinct authorizer) as USERS, sum(counter) as CNT, contract 
from eos_DAILY_COUNTS where xday = '2021-11-09' group by contract  order by CNT desc limit 30;

# top 30 accounts that authorized actions on a specific contract during the day

select authorizer, action, counter from eos_DAILY_COUNTS 
where xday = '2021-11-09' and contract='gravyhftdefi' order by counter desc limit 20;

# daily unique users for a month

select count(distinct authorizer) as USERS, xday from eos_DAILY_COUNTS 
where xday >= '2021-10-01' and xday < '2021-11-01' group by xday;

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